Why Should You Invest in Non-fungible Tokens

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Why Should You Invest in NFTs?

Why should I invest in NFT’s? A lot of NFT’s on their own have no value and people are asking 10, 20 even 50K+ dollars for these claiming they are rare one of a kind; although it may be true but so is the blade of grass I pulled from the ground, but I don’t see people swarming to buy a piece of grass for $20k (maybe if the grass granted 3 wishes people would be interested). We produce value by giving your NFT a story via the blockchain. What do I mean? Anyone can take an item and convert it to an NFT but not everyone can produce results. This is where seemynft comes in. Seemynft is built on complex proprietary software that has an organization structure to maximize online footprints reaching the masses efficiently. “But is that the only thing you guys do?” no we also provide value using blockchain technology to document who owned the NFT and when they owned it. This is much like when you Carfax a vehicle before purchasing it. This helps put a quantitative value to the NFT and support any seller in justifying a price point.

You: Oh! You’re selling a one-of-a-kind rocket model? That’s cool but I don’t know if I want to pay $2,000 for it though.

Me: Well, based off the blockchain I can determine that it was once owned by Elon Musk.

You: hmmm… I think will buy it as an investment. Considering Elons reputability increases, so will the value of the rocket!

End Result: Both the buyer and seller cash in on such an investment.

Just because an NFT platform has celebrity ambassadorship doesn’t constitute high value. NFT marketplaces require team cooperation to serve to the consumer what is actually valuable; this is what seemynft does. Seemynft helps filter what NFT to purchase/ invest in with ease.