Usage Policy

Your NFT may be governed and or restricted by an access code and or a usage policy.

Since certain content has been tokenized for personal use only your ownership of the NFT may be restricted by a Usage Policy (UP).

The UP can granularly govern access to a token based on a request frequency which has been designed to allow specific use cases and deny others.

For example, say a musician has made a video concert available as an NFT on SeeMyNFT.Page. They depend on the sale of the token for their livelihood and part of the value that they are providing to the token holder is inherent in the exclusivity of the access to the video. Not everyone has access to it or can view it. It is not publicly available on the mass channels for free. It is quality, exclusive content and all token holders benefit from those conditions.

Being that this IS the internet, well, anything can and does happen. So, let’s say either by mistake or by some nefarious means a link to your NFT is posted publicly and all the sudden millions of people, in violation of the terms that were granted to you by the artist, are viewing your NFT. We can recognize this and enforce the usage policy terms and automatically restrict access to your token for you to keep you and your token safely within the limits of your agreements with any of the parties that created to NFT to begin with. This maybe what brought you to this page. You could have requested access to a token that was restricted and were redirected here as an explanation for why you could not view the NFT.

If you are the token owner, you can regain control of your token usage by restarting it with an Access Code. The access code represents a password of sorts that is needed to view your NFT. Simple Access Codes are going to be easy to remember but also to guess. More complex access codes will work better to keep your NFT safe and within acceptable usage.

Each Access Code can have its own Usage Policy. It cannot be more liberal than your NFT UP but in can be more restrictive. That is up to you and can be controlled in the Admin Panel.

You can create more than one Access Code. And! Just like Mission Impossible, Access Codes can self-destruct. (So cool!)

So, what can you do with multiple Self Destructing Access Codes with their own Usage Policies? You can use them to “Lend” your NFT to a friend for a while. Create the access code. Give it a start and end date. Add a Usage Policy to it that is appropriate. Send it out and forget about it. Your friend can enjoy your NFT for a bit and then you automatically get it back. You can also revoke it at any time through the Admin Panel. Just hit the Log In button above in the Nav bar and go to the NFT menu item and Bob’s your uncle!

And that brings us to the last point here. If you don’t think everything is hunky dory and you should be viewing your beautiful NFT now instead of this informative yet witty description of Access Codes and Usage Policies, well just hit the contact us link above and explain your situation and we will help to resolve any issues that you are encountering!